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Charges Involving the Illegal Use of Prescription Drugs

Prescription medication is sometimes overlooked when it comes to the public's general understanding of the laws that regulate drug crimes. This is not surprising considering the fact that prescription medicine is legal to take provided that it has been approved by a doctor, psychologist, etc. However, it is still a controlled substance, and as such it is subject to the laws that govern drug use and abuse.

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Understanding Prescription Medication Cases

Generally, prescription medication differs from that of over-the-counter medicine in that it often yields stronger effects and higher dosages when taken by patients. This is often a very good thing since those who are prescribed the drug by a medical professional obviously have reason to need it.

However, the wonders it can work on a person who is suffering from intense pain or unimaginable illness can become dangerous when more and more of the drug is needed to sustain the healing effects it initially provided. When this happens, patients may feel inclined to up their dosage without permission from the doctor, which could lead to an unhealthy addiction to the substance. At this point, the prescription is no longer legally being taken; it is now being illegally abused.

Other scenarios of illegal prescription drug use can include the sale or distribution of the drug to persons who were not prescribed the medication. This is not hard to understand, as people have a tendency to help those in need. When this means offering them some of the medicine that worked so well for them, the act is not seen by the courts to be generous; it is seen as illegal. If you or someone you know has found themselves in a situation such as that described above, then obtaining legal representation from a Houston prescription drugs attorney is crucial to the protection of your future.

Trustworthy Guidance from Houston Prescription Drug Lawyer

Drug crimes are usually thought to be those that involve the use of illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine or banned drugs. However, many people forget that prescription drugs can also fall into the category of drug crimes when not taken exactly as prescribed.

Although you may have had the best intentions when you let your good friend use some of your prescription pain medication, or when you took a couple extra doses of your meds to get you through a particularly rough day, Texas courts will not see it the same way. At Guy L. Womack & Associates, P.C. the father and son team is a family business that targets the defense of those who have been criminally accused in Texas.

They understand that an allegation of illegal drug use in relation to prescription medication, whether committed by a juvenile or an adult, may not have been done so with the intent of breaking the law. Therefore, they have devoted their professional lives to protecting those who have been criminally charged.

Their philosophy of faithful defense tactics extends to all areas of unlawful acts, including violent crimes, fraud and more. There is no matter that these men are unwilling to take on if they believe that they can help your case.

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