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Understanding Your Charges

Manslaughter, although a lesser charge than murder, is a serious criminal offense that is a form of criminal homicide (causing the death of another person without lawful excuse). Under the Texas penal code, manslaughter is defined as recklessly causing the death of another.

For example, a person who is driving while intoxicated, runs through a red light, and causes a fatal auto accident may face manslaughter charges. Manslaughter is a second degree felony offense in Texas, punishable by up to 20 years in state prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Get Legal Help from the Houston Criminal Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been arrested or is under investigation for manslaughter, contact Guy L. Womack & Associates, P.C. today for the experienced, aggressive legal help you need. The firm's attorneys are highly experienced and are dedicated to defending their clients' rights throughout every single step of the criminal process as it relates to their manslaughter charges.

The attorneys understand that you are going through an extremely difficult time and that your entire future is on the line. That is why the firm takes care to utilize their extensive resources and build personalized defense strategies on behalf of their clients.

Consult a Houston Manslaughter Defense Attorney

Acting now and consulting an attorney is the right thing to do, even if formal charges have not yet been filed. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can begin working to investigate the allegations you are facing to determine how to approach your defense, and this will include working to limit law enforcement's ability to conduct an investigation of their own, to conduct searches of your property or bring you in for questioning.

In any of these situations, your lawyer can work to ensure your rights are not violated in any way. Contact a Houston criminal attorney at Guy L. Womack & Associates, P.C. today for an initial consultation regarding your Texas manslaughter charges.

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