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The United States Constitution serves to govern and protect all American citizens. That being said, certain amendments have been made to ensure that all aspects of the law are protected against, including those pertaining to the reasonable act of search and seizure.

As part of the Bill of Rights, the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guards against any actions of unreasonable search and seizure. The amendment requires that probable cause be proven before anyone's items are searched through or taken. Furthermore, a judicially sanctioned legal warrant must be obtained before any searching or seizing ensues.

Unfortunately, this law is not always put into practice. Many people are unaware of their constitutional right to refuse a search request if there is no warrant to justify it. In these instances, an individual's personal possessions could be illegally rifled through to find incriminating evidence for a crime they may not have committed.

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Being charged with a crime can lead to serious criminal charges, especially in the state of Texas. If your personal items were investigated by a law enforcement officer without a search warrant, then you may have an illegal search and seizure case on your hands. Regardless of what was, found if you are now facing a drug crime or weapons charge as the result of an unlawful search, your rights were violated in the process.

Defending yourself against the accusations made against you in any criminal case does not have to be done alone. In fact, your chances of successfully dropping or minimizing the penalties you face will greatly increase with the professional experience of a criminal defense lawyer. Although right now you are the one under investigation by the law, it does not automatically mean that you are guilty.

Nor does it mean that you are the only one at fault. An aggressive attorney from the firm will thoroughly review the details of your case to assess the best course of action. From there, the two of you can go to work on an appropriate defense, whether for a theft crime, possession charge or something else.

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