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Distribution Defense Attorney in Houston

Have you been charged with narcotics distribution in Houston?

When you facilitate the delivery of illegal drugs to another, this is the crime of distribution. There are different circumstances that are taken account when filing a charge of distribution, and a highly skilled criminal lawyer should be engaged at once if you hope to seek a positive outcome at trial. The attorneys at Guy L. Womack & Associates, P.C. have more than 40 years of experience successfully defending their clients from charges of distribution, as well as other felony drug offenses.

There are three main categories of drug distribution. The first is an actual transfer of drugs, where the defendant goes through the physical action of transferring the controlled substance to another person. The second is called a constructive transfer. This basically means that the federal government either feels that they have enough evidence to prove the defendant intended to distribute the drugs, or the quantity of the drugs is significant enough to indicate an intention to distribute. The third category is an attempted transfer. This means that while it's apparent the defendant attempted to distribute the drugs, the attempt was not successful.

Felony Drug Distribution Charges in Houston

A charge of distribution is filed as a felony, with very harsh consequences in a conviction. If you are convicted of the crime of distribution, you can expect to receive a state prison sentence of a minimum of 1 year, or far longer if it is believed you were involved in a large scale drug distribution enterprise. You might face having your assets seized, such as your home, car, and other valuable possessions. You will also face life going forward as a convicted felon.

When charged with a federal drug crime, you must have high quality representation. The attorneys at the firm are very experienced in protecting the rights of those who are victims of illegal search and seizure, and in identifying the many possible weaknesses in a prosecutor's case.

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