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Narcotic Manufacturing Charges in Houston

Drug Crime Defense: Manufacturing

Charges of manufacturing drugs are a serious legal problem. Manufacturing is the crime of cultivating, growing, or producing in a laboratory setting substances to be used and/or sold illegally. Possession is usually a less serious crime as it involves a small amount of narcotics or controlled substances that would only be consumed by the individual.

In cases involving large quantities of drugs in which state or international borders are crossed, or communications systems are used in the distribution of the substance, the charges will be filed in federal court. At the firm of Guy L. Womack & Associates, P.C., the attorneys are skilled criminal defense lawyers that are focused on providing top quality defense counsel to those accused of manufacturing. Whether you are charged in state or federal court, the firm can represent you. If you are charged federally, not all law firms are admitted to practice, and you will need a highly skilled federal criminal defense lawyer to defend you.

You do not have to be actually in the process of cultivating, growing, or producing drugs in a lab to be charged with manufacturing. If you sell or make available equipment or chemicals to another to be used to manufacture illegal drugs, you can be charged. You may have only a minor role or may have been completely unaware that any crime was being committed, but you will still be forced to defend yourself and prove that you were not involved.

A conviction for manufacturing has serious consequences. It includes prison terms as high as 99 years and fines ranging from $100 to $250,000. If you have a prior record, penalties will be enhanced. If you are facing manufacturing charges related to methamphetamines, it is imperative that you contact the firm immediately.

At the firm, the attorneys are experienced how to craft a compelling defense case to seek a positive outcome in a case involving manufacturing charges. They have the insight, legal skills and knowledge to thoroughly investigate every detail of the case, and to challenge evidence provided by any law enforcement agency, including the DEA, FBI or ICE.

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