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Why Guy Womack?

Military Lawyer Guy Womack

If you are charged with a military crime, you want to call military attorney Guy Womack. Mr. Womack is a former judge advocate for the Marine Corps. During his term of service in this capacity, he was given three separate awards by the U.S. Attorney General. His legal skill in military court is legendary.

You need this level of defense counsel if you are facing military court. The conviction rate in military court stands at over 90%. Mr. Womack is well aware that you could feel that you have little hope of an acquittal. The processes in military court make it much more difficult to successfully defend a case. You need to ensure you have a highly experienced military lawyer at your side as soon as you discover that you are under investigation in a criminal case.

Court Martial Defense: Talk to Attorney Guy Womack

Are you facing a court martial? Courts martial are regulated by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, a very specialized area of the law. Your defense attorney must be highly experienced with court procedures and the military rules of evidence. Mr. Womack has achieved some significant victories in high profile cases, and travels all over the world to defend his military clients. He defends against all types of offenses, including sex offenses, assault, fraud crimes and narcotics offenses. Lieutenant Colonel Womack, as a retired Officer, can travel to any location, post or site where military personnel are present, and can travel on military aircraft to do so.

Court Martial Appeals

Have you already been convicted and need to file an appeal? Mr. Womack can file an appeal in federal court, the U.S. Court of Military Appeals. When there has been a miscarriage of justice, and a conviction in a case that should have led to an acquittal, or in which the penalty imposed was too high, fast action must be taken.

There is only a short period of time in which to file an appeal, and there extensive study of the case needed at once if you hope to have your appeal approved. As an attorney experienced in court martial appeals, Mr. Womack is one of the most successful military lawyers in the USA.

Qualified, Experience and a Record of Success in Military Court

When facing military court, there are even greater risks than in civilian court. It is necessary to have the most qualified, experienced military lawyer fighting for you. Insight into the military justice system and all of the politics involved can be a crucial point in crafting a successful defense. As many of those serving on a court martial are closely affiliated, having a retired Marine Corps officer, serving 10 years of active duty has received three awards from the U.S. Attorney General while serving as a judge advocate is your best choice.

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