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Military Fraternization

Criminal Defense in the Military

The military is widely known for its extremely strict regulations and intense enforcement of these regulations. Many people commonly relate this to the physical behavior implemented in the military system, behaviors such as stance, voice projection, respect, etc. However, what some people may be less familiar with is the military's laws governing fraternization. Officers and service members are generally not allowed to associate with other officers and servicemen on a personal level outside of the professional orders given to them. If they are following duties or commands, exceptions are made but in general these acts are strictly forbidden.

While laws that protect against enemy fraternization make perfect sense, it can be harder to argue the need for other prohibitions of military relationships. Of course everyone wants to protect against the potential dangers that could arise from an enemy receiving leaked information, but many question the need to further deter relationships with non-enemies.

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When officers of different ranks become extremely familiar with one another on a personal level, the military views the relationship as fraternization and will punish as such. Therefore, anyone who builds a relationship, whether with a member of the same sex or the opposite sex, could be punished and face courts-martial for doing so. When this happens, you will need to secure legal defense from a military criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.

Defending Fraternization Charges

If your military friendship or personal relationship has landed you with charges of fraternization, then you could be in trouble if you don't immediately act to defend yourself. Accusations of officer misconduct that involve fraternization can be just as damaging to your career as those of drug offenses and sex crimes. Therefore, it is imperative that you act quickly in seeking legal counsel.

Mr. Womack has been involved with the legal matters of military criminal offenses for more than 20 years, and he knows what it takes to defend a case of this stature. As a former officer himself, he is intimately familiar with the laws that pertain to military governances and he has made sure that his team is equally as familiar.

It can be difficult to find a defense lawyer with the appropriate level of knowledge and amount of experience necessary to adequately defend a case that involves military charges, but at Guy L. Womack & Associates, P.C. this will not need to be one of your worries. During this difficult time you should be focusing on what is most important to you: securing your future freedoms and rights.

You can be sure that the military attorneys at the firm will be doing just that. For a free consultation to discuss your charges of fraternization, contact a military criminal defense lawyer today.

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