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Felony Theft Charges Filed Against Texas Tech Footballers to Be Dropped

In May 2016, three Texas Tech football players – Dakota Allen, Robert Castaneda, and Trace Ellison – admitted to burglarizing a home during the winter and stealing firearms, a television, and other items. After Allen retained the services of Guy L. Womack & Associates, P.C., it took less than four months to secure a positive pretrial diversion for the boys that should lead to the complete dismissal of their charges.

The brevity involved in the conclusion of the case is uncommon, as criminal charges can often take a year or more to come to a close; the United States Department of Justice also states that the majority of criminal cases that reach pretrial diversion are done so before an indictment, adding to the impressiveness of this conclusion.

Agreement by Guy Womack

Under the agreement that Attorney Guy Womack primarily drafted and handled, each of the men will need to complete 24 hours of community service as well as theft prevention programs run by the state; Guy Womack only officially represented Allen but the District Attorney assigned to the case found it reasonable to provide the agreement to all three men. Without the pretrial diversion, the second-degree felony burglary charges could have ended with a prison sentence of at least 2 years but up to 20 years, as well as thousands of dollars in fines. If the community service and intervention programs are not completed accordingly, the Districts Attorney’s office has the option to refile the charges against the three former footballers.

The behavior of Allen, Castaneda, and Ellison has also likely played a significant role in the District Attorney’s decision to offer a dismissal of the charges. Although the crime constituted a second-degree felony due to the number of firearms stolen, it was nonviolent. All three suspects also willingly turned themselves into police. Lastly, all of the stolen property has been successfully returned to the original owners.

Attorney Guy Womack has expressed that Allen is a “great kid from a great family” who has genuinely learned from his mistakes. With a positive attitude and a focus on moving forward, Allen and his legal counsel are confident that breaking the pretrial diversion agreement will not be an occurrence. Allen has also made arrangements to transfer to East Mississippi College; Attorney Womack went on to state that the campus has a focus on helping athletes who ran into legal trouble rehabilitate themselves with great success.

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