How Do I Find the Right Military Defense Attorney for My Case?

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The first thing you might be wondering when facing charges that will require a military defense attorney is "What's the worst that could happen?" Other than the usual punishments individuals face in criminal trials – such as serving jail time and paying fines – military cases typically also carry the burden of a dishonorable discharge. Even civilian convictions, such as a DWI, can easily slap you with a dishonorable discharge. No serviceman is in the military by chance. Hard work and grit earned you the right to be a member of the United States Military. Do not take a chance in the courtroom when your service and career are on the line!

How can I find the right defense attorney for my military case?

Knowledge is the fastest way to get a leg-up in any situation, and finding the right attorney for you is no different. First and foremost, research local attorneys in your area and be thorough. You should be concerned with a few key points:

  • Experience: How long has this person been practicing law and in what fields? If you're looking for a military defense lawyer, ask the question: Has this attorney served in the military? Winning a military case becomes much, much easier if your attorney knows the system personally, inside and out. This cannot be stressed enough.
  • Track record: Does this person have a noteworthy record of success? If you find an individual who has won case after case, that is a bright red flag that he or she knows the many fine details of the courtroom.
  • Education: What university did this person attend? Law schools are infamous for chewing up and spitting out the underprepared. It's important to ensure your attorney has the proper educational credentials.

What do I do once I find the right attorney?

If all of your research points you in the direction of one individual, see if they are willing to set up a personal meeting with you. If the lawyer is able, it shows immediate dedication to you and your case and also a respect for those who serve in the military. At the meeting, don't be afraid to ask any questions that come to mind. An experience attorney will be ready for them all.

If you're looking for a successful military defense lawyer in the Houston area that excels in all these areas, you need look no further than Guy L. Womack & Associates, P.C. With a proud military service record, dozens of bar admissions, and having garnered media attention, attorney Guy Womack is able to provide you with the experienced, trusted defense you need against your military charges.

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