Guy Womack In the News

Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal : Lt. Colonol Guy Womack dicusses his client and the prison scandal at ... Play Video
Prison Scandal at the Abu Ghraib Prison: Criminal defense attorney Guy Womack discusses why his client is not ... Play Video
Abu Ghraib Fallout: Guy Womack discusses Charles Graner's statement of England not being ... Play Video
Iraq War Veteran Arrested for Streaking: Mr. Womack gives insight on his client's defense. Play Video
Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse Probe: Mr. Womack talks about the case and the charges against his client. Play Video
Charles Graner's Involvement in Abu Ghraib: Guy Womack talks about his client and the charges that are against him ... Play Video
Iraq Prisoners Abused At Abu Ghraib Prison: Criminal defense lawyer Guy Womack talks with his clients wife about ... Play Video
Allegations Against Charles Graner: Guy Womack discusses the allegations against his client and why his ... Play Video
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