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Being accused of a crime in Texas can be a serious offense, and any type of serious offense should always be accompanied by an even more aggressive defense. Finding the right Houston criminal defense attorney for your accusation or arrest will be crucial in determining the outcome of your case. With offices in Houston and McAllen, the father-son attorney team at Guy L. Womack & Associates, P.C. represents individuals in Houston and all throughout Texas.

Guy Womack, a retired lieutenant colonel of the Marines and former military judge is closely familiar with all aspects of the law, including criminal defense in federal, military, and state courts. He has served as a defense counsel and prosecutor on the federal level since June of 1980, and always has the most up to date information and knowledge regarding criminal law. Whatever criminal charge you find yourself facing, there is help to be found at the firm. Below you will find some of the many areas in which a defense attorney at the firm can offer their assistance.

Assault is categorized under violent crimes, it can involve intentionally causing bodily injury, intentionally touching or causing offensive physical contact, or it can involve threatening to cause injury to another person coupled with the ability to carry out that threat.

Bench Warrants
Failure to pay an alimony or child support payment on time could land you in court with a bench warrant. There are many scenarios in which you may be faced with this type of warrant, and when you have been issued with it you are at risk of being taken into custody at any time.

In Texas, the crime of burglary is a felony offense. The crime involves unlawfully entering or remaining in a building or home with the intention of committing a felony offense such as theft or assault. Even if the intended crime is interrupted, the defendant may still face burglary charges.

Criminal Defense Videos
Mr. Womack's legal expertise has landed him in the news on several occasions. You are encouraged to view the array of video clips offered on the site in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of what the firm can offer you in the ways of legal defense.

Domestic Violence
This is also commonly referred to as family violence because of its nature to occur between spouses. In some cases, the abuse - whether intentional or not – even harms the children of a physically feuding couple.

Drug Offenses
It is essential to acquire adequate legal representation if you have been accused of a drug offense. If convicted, you stand to face prison time, hefty fines and mandatory rehabilitation.

Drug Possession
Possession of an illegal substance is taken very seriously, especially because it almost always means that other behaviors were involved as well. Possession often entails more serious crimes such as the trafficking, cultivation and/or manufacturing of drugs.

DWI Defense
A blood alcohol content of .08% or more is enough to earn a person a charge of DWI. Being accused of driving while intoxicated is a criminal offense that the courts do not look kindly upon.

Felony Offenses
Felony crimes are more serious than misdemeanors, and they typically involve violent crimes, theft crimes, weapons charges, and other serious offenses. While misdemeanors generally involve shorter terms of incarceration and lesser fines than felonies, felonies usually involve more than a year in prison and heftier fines.

Fraud is defined as intentional deception that is made for personal gain or to damage another individual. Fraud is often prosecuted as a felony offense and can involve fines reaching as much as $10,000. Even if you are merely under investigation for fraud, you should waste no time in contacting a defense attorney from Guy L. Womack & Associates, P.C.

Hit & Run
Leaving the scene of the crime is commonly referred to as hit & run. Any driver involved in an accident is obligated by law to stop, and failure to do so could result in serious criminal consequences if not properly defended.

Juvenile Crimes
When someone under the age of eighteen commits a crime, is considered a juvenile crime. Juveniles can commit the same crimes as adults such as theft, assault, auto theft and property crimes; however, juvenile cases are generally handled with a rehabilitative approach depending upon the nature of the crime, but with serious violent offenses, the juvenile may face the same consequences as an adult.

Illegal Searches
The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects you from illegal search and seizure by law enforcement officials. If you are searched without a warrant, you should seek legal representation immediately.

The crime of manslaughter is less serious than murder; however it is a form of criminal homicide that involves causing the death of another human being without a lawful excuse. Manslaughter is a second degree felony in Texas and punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a maximum $10,000 fine.

Murder is the most serious form of criminal homicide, and involves intentionally and knowingly causing the death of another person. Murder is a first degree felony but may be charged as a second degree felony if it can be proven that the defendant committed the act in the heat of passion.

Prescription Drugs
While prescription drugs are more readily available than illicit substances such as marijuana or cocaine, they are still controlled substances which are heavily regulated. Without a valid prescription, it is illegal to buy, sell or give away prescription medications. While people often associate drug crimes with illegal street drugs, prescription drug fraud, or "doctor shopping" are only a few crimes that are criminalized and punished severely under the law.

Robbery is a crime that happens up close and personal, it involves taking someone else's property by force or by physical violence or by threats. Robbery is classified as a violent crime and even if the robber doesn't obtain the cash or jewelry or other items they were seeking, they can still be charged with robbery and sent to prison.

Sex Crimes
Sex crimes must be handled delicately due to the sensitive nature of the situation. That being said, a person that is convicted of a sex crime will be prosecuted severely if found guilty.

Theft Crimes
Any taking of another person's property is considered to be a theft crime. This can include shoplifting, auto theft and much more.

Violent Crimes
The attempt or actual cause of injury or death to another person makes crimes of violence among the most harshly punished criminal offenses.

Weapons Charges
The possession, distribution or sale of a weapon is considered to be a criminal offense in the eyes of law enforcement. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have aggressive legal representation on your side if you face a weapons charge.

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